Do you remember "Made in Germany"?

Even though it was once meant by the British Empire in 1887 to mark products of inferior quality, the slogan "Made in Germany" became an embodiment of a quality product, made by the "krauts", in the time of the German economic miracle.

Over the course of many "buy, sell and recycle"-cycles a lot of that spirit got lost again in many companies while being on a race to produce the cheapest product that just barely works and breaks down right after the warranty period is over.

This is a philosophy I never wanted to support, which lead me, after working for several years with said products, to founding PDI.Engineering - a German engineering office with a mission to provide you, the customer, with an experience that brings you back to what Made in Germany once stand for - Precision, Diligence and Ingenuity.

PDI.Engineering offers you high quality electronics engineering contract/freelance work, shaped exactly the way you need it.

I am specialized in the field of PCB Layouting and Electronics design, especially in the fields of IoT hardware and analog electronics.
Nowadays many engineers specialize in the method of combining premade modules to a "Thing" that kind of works, maybe freezes once a month which can be "fixed" by turning it off and on again, and try to add features and circumvent shortcomings by excessive amounds of coding. 
The classic hardware design engineer approaches a problem differently: By analyzing the problem and designing the circuit to resolve exactly this problem you can save on hardware and programming costs and deliver a stable, long lasting product to your customer that can be built to a standard that it doesn't need regular maintenance, reboots, or software updates - if a software is even needed at all.
Using techniques as BOM Optimization and a good supply chain management with a worldwide network of suppliers and partners it is possible to keep the costs low while still delivering a great product, suited to the specific needs of your application.

At PDI.Engineering you will find references to my work so that you can get an impression of the quality and style you can expect when ordering something from me.
If you want to get to know me a bit better you can find my CV as well as a little personal about page.

If you have any questions or want to talk about your project idea you can always contact me by mail:

Last but not least there is also a link to the PDI.Technology webshop, where you can find products that are especially useful for amateurs, beginners and professionals alike.
There you can find products, specifically chosen to be a good value for money to enable beginners to find an easy way into electronics, help amateurs to keep on learning and help professionals to refine their skills even more. Also there are some new old stock or used parts that are just too valuable to be thrown away and are perfectly usable for prototyping or hobby applications.

Please note: This website is always under construction as I want to display more things I have done if I get permission from the customers to showcase those, so check back regularely. 
I am also working on a German translation for the whole website. This might take some time.

Revision history

Date Change
17.07.2020 Added the bachelors thesis and a short excerp of a technology to fine adjust power inductors using their naturally occuring stray field
18.07.2020 Added the 74141-e project page under "References"
19.08.2020 Modified the homepage text 
22.08.2020 Added some information to the references Page
25.08.2020 Modified the homepage text again


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